Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Triumph 650 FlatTracker

This is my 650 that I bought its a bitza with 70's motor so rather than restore it I built a Tracker, a style that I have always liked but never got around to building.

Maybe what it could have been? I don't think so!

Firstly the bike gets its Standard bits removed

Found a Mustang Tank, but it didn't sit right

Then bits get made, this build needed the rear sub-frame to be shortened, Hinckley Bonneville Tail light keeps a bit of Triumph on the bike..and I liked the Squat looking Suzuki tank

Front forks were changed for a set off a jap bike,
the wheels came from an off road bike, but had nice alloy rims, the wheel are about half the weight of the stock drums

Swing arm and rear wheel fitted together

The scabby black pipes had to go, and a set of Stainless were made at the local tube fab company to my patterns, Then when they came back I had to cut to length, weld on mounting tabs and polish all the clamp marks out which took a morning

A pile of bits to go and get powder coated, the rear axle plates swing arm were adapted from another Jap donor.

In the mean time I got busy with the paint gun, luckily the weather was hot so I managed to get it done in in a short time

Starting to go back together at last, Front wheel spaced up to fit forks, and rear wheel also aligned. I had to build an inboard spacer to get the chain to run true, but painted black it looks a bit like a brake drum.

Triumphs with their left hand brake set up, meant I had to convert the drum to cable, I was going to go with a cross over shaft and rods, but this seemed a cleaner option.

From the photos you can't tell how long I have spent on the lathe and how many helicoils the motor needed!

Great thing about Brits is the lack of wiring, a boyer keeps the ignition clean, a podtronics black box sorts out the charging and a Hella hi/low/horn switch controls the lights.

I know its a bright paint job but its what I had left in the shed and I was broke from all the bits I had to buy

So now its out to enjoy whats left of the summer, hopefully the motor will be OK, thats the only item that is still unknown, maybe it will get pulled down during the winter?